About Me

Born and raised in Downers Grove, Illinois, McKenna Sloan is widely recognized for her collaborative spirit and unwavering dedication to her pursuits. Despite her young years, McKenna has had significant achievements both academically and in sports, notably volleyball, and has displayed exemplary leadership and commitment.

Early Life and High School Achievements

McKenna grew up in Riverside, IL, where she attended Riverside Brookfield High School. Her high school years were instrumental in shaping who she is today. As a hard worker, she consistently proved to be an exceptional student, securing a place in the top 10 of her class of 500 students and making the Honor Roll every single year. A testament to her collaborative spirit, McKenna played a key role in various clubs, including the National Honors Society, Girls Who Code, Student Association, and Best Buddies, fostering inclusion and raising awareness for students with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Her high school years were not just about academics; she also showcased her talent in volleyball on various platforms. Apart from playing as a valuable team member of her high school's varsity volleyball team for three years and captaining the team during her senior year, she also played club volleyball for both Chicago Elite and New Wave.

Transition to University Life

Following her high school graduation in 2021, McKenna decided to attend the University of Georgia, further enriching her journey to adulthood. Combining her areas of expertise and love for data, she chose to double major in Accounting and Management Information Systems. With her forward-thinking mindset, McKenna plans on pursuing an MAcc (Master of Accountancy) and ultimately sitting for the CPA exam to work in public accounting.

Hobbies and Interests

Apart from her dedication to her studies and athletics, McKenna harbors a variety of hobbies that further underscore her expressive and relatable personality. She remains an avid supporter of college volleyball, frequently tuning in to cheer on her favorite teams, Wisconsin and Nebraska. In addition, she is passionate about literature, primarily mystery novels, with Agatha Christie holding a permanent spot on her list of favorite authors.

Furthermore, McKenna's taste extends into stand-up comedy, podcasts and even pottery-making; she particularly enjoys stand-up sessions from the renowned artist Nate Bargatze and maintains a keen interest in American history through podcasts. McKenna also enjoys outdoor activities such as skiing and snowboarding, emphasizing her adventurous side.

Scholarships and Future Plans

Recognizing her hard work and academic achievements, the University of Georgia awarded McKenna the invaluable Classic Academic Scholarship. She was also accepted into the prestigious J.M. Tull School of Accounting and the Terry College of Business.

Even with her demanding schedule, McKenna makes time for her interests and hobbies. She actively takes part in the Beta Alpha Psi accounting society, Sustainable Business Society, and Women in Technology. These club involvements not only provide her with a platform to network and learn but also allow her to give back to the community — a testimony to her collaborative spirit and dedication.

In every step of her journey till now, McKenna Sloan has been a hard worker and has a collaborative spirit. Whether it is her academic pursuits, sports, hobbies, or club activities, these virtues are a prominent part of her life. As she moves forward, she intends to remain steadfast in pursuing her Master of Accountancy, take the CPA exam, and work in public accounting. McKenna Sloan is an ambitious, hardworking, and vibrant individual whose story continues to inspire many.


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